Other Trust Work

Reviews of Existing Trust or Will Plans for necessary updating—An estate plan should be re-examined periodically (at least every five years) due to changes in the law, changes in legal drafting, changes in family health and finances, and changes in procedures in the industry (as just one example of the latter, many institutions will not accept powers of attorney that are not recent). If you already have a trust, it is also important to check periodically to make sure that the trust is properly funded. This means that accounts and assets are properly titled in the name of the trust and that beneficiary designations are properly coordinated with the trust plan. We can review your existing plan for recommended updates.

Trust Administration (both during the Trustmaker’s lifetime and after death)—We offer counseling about the duties of a trustee under the terms of the trust agreement and the requirements of the Ohio Trust Code; help with calculating and funding marital/family sub-trusts, or other allocation and distribution of assets; preparation of the required accountings and notices to beneficiaries; real estate transfers; involuntary removal and replacement of trustees, change of trustees, or a trustee becoming incapacitated; and more.