Plan Add-Ons

With Any Plan, Whether Basic or Advanced—Personal Care Instructions When you left a child with a babysitter for the first time, or even a pet with a petsitter, you probably wrote out some instructions on what the child or pet would want, or how they should be treated, since the child or pet couldn’t speak for themselves or know what was best for them. Don’t YOU deserve at least that much attention? We have a way to help you leave instructions for your own care should you ever be in a position where you aren’t in complete control of your circumstances, such as during a long term or final illness. If you stock up on chicken soup and cold medicine before cold and flu season, you’ll readily understand why you need to do this ahead of time!

With Any Trust Plan, Organizational Tools With every trust plan we provide a three ring binder that contains all your planning documents, as well as a flash drive containing pdfs of your signed documents. Your trust binder will also contain tools we have developed with experience over the years—tools that help the client get organized and that later provide invaluable assistance to the client’s family and/or future caregivers in times of urgency and stress. These include tools to earmark personal property to be given to specific people; to provide disability instructions; to start the information for one’s own death certificate; to give funeral instructions; to list contact persons like attorneys, CPAs, insurance providers; to note the location of important documents; to list assets; etc.

With Any Plan, Whether Basic or Advanced—Financial Services Assessment for recommendations regarding new long term care benefits now available. This is another way to protect your assets from being ravaged by the cost of aging, and one aimed at self-sufficiency and staying off government programs if at all possible. This planning can be used either alone or in conjunction with an asset protection trust. It consists of a one-time re-positioning or restructuring of a portion of your assets (even IRA type assets—without triggering tax on them) into new products allowed and incentivized by the federal Pension Protection Act provisions that became effective in 2010. These tools accomplish not only long term care benefits, but tax advantages, leveraging of assets (receiving more back than you put in), and a death payout of unused benefits to your chosen persons or trusts. Baby Boomers and elders nationwide are embracing these new tools, where they had previously shunned old-fashioned “use it or lose it” long term care insurance policies because of their restrictive coverage and annually increasing premiums! This is one area, especially, where you don’t know what you don’t know, and that can really hurt you! Call us at 419-891-8884 to discuss how to find out more information about this critical area of your estate plan and the little-known, unique solutions!